First time Network Setup

Connecting to your M3D Crane Series Printer via your local network is very useful as you get access to the Duet Web Control. You can connect your M3D Crane Series Printer to your local network via the Ethernet port on the Duet Maestro. Once the network settings are properly configured, you will be able to connect to the Duet board and access the Duet Web Control.

First-Time Start-up

The M3D Crane Series printers are pre-configured to easily work with the most common network configuration, DHCP. If however you have a more complex network configuration set up it may be necessary to further edit your network settings.

Pre-configured network settings are loaded onto every SD card before the printer goes out our door. these network settings utilize DHCP in order to get an IP address from your router. This should allow your printer to connect automatically to your network.

Once connected via Ethernet your M3D Crane Series printer will display an IP address on the Main Menu of the LCD screen.

After your printer has had the time to start up, direct your browser to the address http://<IP address>. If the connection is successful the Duet Web Control should be shown.

You have completed the network setup. If you are unable to access Duet Web Control you may need to contact your Network Administrator.

Now that your M3D Crane Quad has been added to your network, it's time to learn how to navigate the LCD menu. Please follow the guide to the next section to learn more about navigating the LCD menu.

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