LCD Menu Navigation

Getting to know your M3D Crane Series printer's LCD Menu Display:

Below is an image of the Standby screen of your M3D Crane Series printer. While in Standby mode, or while it's not actively printing the LCD screen will display the following information:

  • Nozzle: this will display the nozzle's current temperature as well as the nozzle's set temperature. To Set the Nozzle Temp simply move the knob in order to highlight the temperature values in the Nozzle row. Once highlighted, depress the knob once to select, then turn the knob until the desired temperature is displayed and select by depressing the knob once more.

  • Bed: this will display the current bed temperature as well as the set bed temperature. To set the Bed Temp, simply follow the directions as if you were changing the nozzle temp but apply them to the Bed row.

  • Feed Rate: this displays your current feed rate. To change the Feed Rate, simply select the value and adjust with the knob.

  • IP: this displays the IP address of your M3D Crane Series printer on your network. The Network Setup section of this guide shows how to access the Duet Web Control Interface via this IP address. The displayed values of the IP address are not able to be selected nor changed from this menu.

  • Prepare: selecting Prepare will change the LCD screen Menu to an additional menu page.

Prepare: Or Main Menu page 2

  • Back to Main: selecting Back to Main will bring you back to the Main, or Standby menu.

  • Move Axis:

  • Auto Home [All]: selecting Auto Home [All] will home ALL axis.

  • Auto Home X: this will Auto Home ONLY the X axis.

  • Auto Home Y: this will Auto Home ONLY the Y axis.

  • Auto Home Z: this will Auto Home ONLY the Z axis.

  • Test Movements: this will run your M3D Crane Series printer through a series of Test Movements.

  • Disable Steppers: this will disable the stepper motors to enable you to move your bed and the print head freely.

  • Cooldown: this will cool the bed and the print head.

Active Print Mode Menu:

The Active Print Mode Menu gives you a different set of options while your M3D Crane Series printer is actively printing. Instead of seeing Prepare in the bottom right corner of your LCD menu, while in print mode your M3D Crane Series will display Tune:

The Tune Menu will give you control over various aspects of your print while it's printing.

  • Thermal Tuning: this will allow you to control fan settings.

  • Pause/Resume: Pause allows you to pause your print at any time, while in pause mode the Resume option will be available, this will resume the print from the point at which it was paused.

  • Baby Step Z: this will move the Z axis in positive or negative .01 or .05mm "baby" movements.

  • Cancel Active Print: will allow you to Cancel the print at any time should you choose to for any reason.

There are other aspects of the menu such as the Preheat various materials options. Those shall be discussed in additional guides.

Now that we've covered the basics of the LCD menu navigation, follow the link to the next section to get a first look at the M3D Crane Dual's Duet Web Control console.

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