October 30, 2018

+Added LCD menus for all Crane Series printers. LCD menus are specific to each Crane type, Dual, Quad, and Bowden.

+Added a config setting to enable the user to change the direction of their LCD encoder. See general.g

+Added Pause and Resume functionality to each of the Crane Series models, Dual, Quad, and Bowden.

+Multiple actions have been added to the encoder button (knob). For example when starting a print the LCD will display a “Print Started” screen with an option to go back when pressed again.

+Added “Test Prints” option to the idle screen of the LCD menu.

+Added a “Test Print” menu, providing 3 test prints to select from. Test Print “draft” model, Bed level test, and Hex test.

- LCD Menu Issue: Change movement axes and extrusion menus on LCD so that + and - are reversed.

-LCD Menu Issue: Change filament numbering to reflect current drive sticker layout.

-SD/Config Issue: Add community contributions to all models included on the SD card.

October 26, 2018

Initial Release:

+This is initial release (version one) of the Change Log for the M3D Crane Series of printers. The purpose of this document is to track known issues, feature additions, bug reports and resolutions.

+Added state based instructions to the LCD Menu. While printing/paused, the "Tune" button will now appear on the main display. In an idle state the "Prepare" button will appear in its stead.

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